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There are many (many) free fonts floating around the internet, but only a small number of them are any good. Fortunately they are regularly blogged about. Here is a few of them:

Type designers often give away fonts as a means of self-promotion. Here is a small list of some of them:

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How to add links and images to the sidebar


If you would like to contribute links or images to the sidebar, and to our community, here is how to do that:

To add links, sign up for a delicious account, then when you add links to your own list, simply add this tag: for:coopertypography, and the link will be forwarded to our pool.

To add photos you must have a flickr account; once you have an account, simply go to our pool page, become a member by clicking “Join this group”. Then you simply select a photo from your own flickr collection and click “Send to group”.

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“Detail in typography” by Jost Hochuli

Detail in typography

I highly recommend this book. It is a compact but highly useful reference on typography.

Publisher’s description of the book:
“Jost Hochuli’s concise guide to micro-typography considers everything that can happen within a column of text. Detail in typography discusses in simple steps the factors that make text easy to read and good to look at. Hochuli starts by describing what we know about the reading process. Then he looks at the letters of the Latin alphabet: what is good form in letters? How has script and type developed? How do letters work as visual elements? He goes on to discuss words: how do they hang together? How do we recognize them? Next, he looks at lines of words, and thus at the space between words. Also here he considers punctutation as an element of the line. Then there is the question of the space between lines (‘leading’): what are the factors there? The book is rounded off with a look at typefaces and their properties.

Detail in typography, designed by its author, is printed and bound in Switzerland to the best standards. It provides, in its own form and manufacture, a demonstration of how books can be made.”

Read more about it here.
Buy it here.

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Assignment #2


Here is the second assignment in Typography II class. Download the PDF of it: Assignment #2

The text for the assignment is here: dialogue I left notes in the text, read them.

As a reference you can refer to this.

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The Changing Face of Letterpress


The Changing Face of Letterpress is an exhibition of staff and student work from the London College of Communication, seeking to challenge the boundaries of Letterpress within the current design climate whilst drawing from the rich printing history of the college. The exhibition explores the changing role of Letterpress within design education, from a typographical teaching tool to a medium that is igniting process-driven work from students within the School of Graphic Design.

05-11 March 2009, London


Take a look at the press release for a close-up image of the tiger. Something to consider, both formally and conceptually, with our great Letterpress facilities.

Found via manystuff, thanks Reed for the tip!

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“End” titles


A nice collection of “End” titles: here.
Found via: Mark Simonson’s blog.

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Font Shop newsletter archive


Font Newsletter Archive 

FontShop is one of the best places to buy fonts. They also have a lot of very good resources. The above link is an archive of their e-newsletters, which are quite good. (You can also subscribe to the e-newsletter). Also check out FontShop’s other resources: FontFeed (their blog), Font Magazine (their magazine).

A good, somewhat recent posting: Garamond Powerline.

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Assignment #1

Here is the first assignment in Typography II class. Download the PDF of it: Assignment #1 PDF

Remember to use only books (you can use the internet to find those books). Use the Lubalin Center, and the Cooper library (they have a ton of really unique books all the way in the back). And I use the word “rules” loosely.

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Font ID

A great post, over at, on the various sources available online to help in identifying typefaces. Also,, (which hosts What The Font?!), has recently been given a much-needed facelift. 

Read the post.

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Seattle signage

Troy (gold)

Troy (big)

Found this great signage on a building, while recently in Seattle.

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Let’s see here

This would be the place where everything related to typography live, mainly for the students of Cooper Union. Regular posts to follow. Blog also includes flickr and delicious feeds—which will hopefully turn into collaborative endeavors.

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