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Typography in Motion


A small collection of interesting examples of typography and film/video/music.

Music Videos (films):
“Subterranean Homesick Blues”, Bob Dylan’s classic short, (precursor to music videos), 1965
(read more about it)
“(Nothing But) Flowers” video by M&Co for Talking Heads, 1988
“La tour de Pise” video by Michel Gondry for Jean-François Coen, 1993
“The Child”, a typographic city. A music video for a track by Alex Gopher, 1999
“DVNO”, music video for Justice, directed by So-Me / Machine Molle, 2008

Film titles:
“North by Northwest” by Saul Bass, 1959
“Psycho” by Saul Bass, 1960
“Dr. Strangelove” by Paoblo Ferro, 1964
“Island of Dr. Moreau”, by Kyle Cooper of Imaginary Forces, 1996
“Catch Me if You Can” by Kuntzel and Deygas, 2002
“Thank You For Smoking”
“Science of Sleep”

Starbucks spot

“Typography is What Language Looks Like” video by a student from the Vancouver Film School
Typographic Illustrations (portraits) by ni9e
Dialogue from “V for Vendetta”
Typographic Videos on Vimeo

If you find other examples of typography in motion add them to the post, or add them to the comments (below the post).

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