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Here are links to the readings handed out in class:

Thirty-six point Gorilla
Experimental Typography. Whatever that Means.


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Postcard Competition

Here are the details of the postcard competition: Artist as Citizen

Make sure you take a look at the judge’s work: Ji Lee

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Jonathan Barnbrook


Jonathan Barnbrook is a British graphic designer, who came to prominence in the 90’s. Typography has always played a major role in his work, and is often comprised of typefaces he has designed himself. He is also one of the most vocal designers advocating social responsibility from designers. Barnbrook has collaborated with Damien Hirst, and has made personal work that can be best described as “political”, “anti-war” and “anti-corporate”.

See for yourself: Barnbrook Design
His typefaces: Virus Fonts

You can read a very recent interview with him, that prompted me to write about him here.

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Type Families Explored


Peter Biľak, who runs the Typotheque type foundry, and is co-editor of Dot Dot Dot magazine, has a good article that looks into type families.

Read it here: “Family Planing or How Type Families Work”

UPDATE: The Font Feed just published an article about type families. Check it out: “Styles, Weights, Widths; It’s All in The (Type) Family”.

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Movie Dialogue Using Typography

i found these motion-typography-dialogues and it’s interesting to compare to our assignment. apparently it’s a really popular thing.

most of them are pretty bad but i think these two are nice.

big lebowski:

pulp fiction:

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konstfack Typographic Football

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