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Assignment #5



Above photo of Jacques Tati is from Criterion.

The assignment sheet can be downloaded here.
(older assignment sheet from Typo 2, 2009)

Some notes about the film:
— Jacques Tati wrote, directed and starred in the film (he is the M. Hulot character).
— The film was shot over 3 years, and involved building a fake city—which was called Tativille—to be used as the set for the film.
— Tati used most of his own money to finance the film.
— Original poster (and illustration) is by René Ferracci (a prolific French film poster designer).
— There is a lot going on in every single shot, and each one was very carefully orchestrated. Movement in the scene was very important to Tati.
— The film has very little dialogue but sound plays a very important role.
— There are many things that become apparent after a second (or third) viewing.
— The idea of overlapping is a very important formal aspect of the film, as well as reflections.
— The “old vs. new” is another theme that runs through the film.
— Tati used a number of “M. Hulot” look-alikes, as a way to distinguish this film from his previous work, where M. Hulot was the central character. This is yet another reference to reflections.
— There are six distinct sections in the film. See here.

General information about the film:
Wikipedia: Play Time
Wikipedia: Tati
Biography of Tati
Original Trailer on YouTube (see also related videos)

Playtime by Kent Jones.
The Dance of Playtime by Jonathan Rosenbaum

Lettering in the film:
and Trade Show

Stills from the film:
Very good set of images of most notable scenes.
Another good set of stills.
Some images in this set (images 9 through 16; the first few are from Mon Oncle)
Some more here (12 more images; browse to the next few as well)
Control Panel
Cubicles 2
B/W reproduction
Remember that on Flickr you can get a higher resolution if the All Sizes button appears above the image.

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