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Stephen Farrell


Almost every semester I mention to my students the designer Stephen Farrell as someone whose work they should look at. I have always admired his approach to typography, as well as his small but eclectic set of typefaces he designed. Unfortunately his work is scattered across the web, in small bits. Obviously his work is meant to be seen in real life, to be handled, interacted with, experienced. Still, I decided to pull together everything I could find online to make it easier for students and other people to see his work. Hopefully this will also provide leads to finding his printed work for those interested.

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Google (maps) Typography

Just came across two sets of alphabets created using Google Maps. The first was made by an Australian graphic designer Rhett Dashwood, and only uses maps from the state of Victoria, Australia. The other one was made by Rachel Young, a British researcher, who was inspired by Rhett to make one of the New York state.

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Quick Post: Lettering at the Jane Hotel

Clever use of brass studs on a leather door. Image from a slideshow “Sleeping Where Sailors Slept” in The New York Times. Read the related article.

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Erik Nitsche

Erik Nitsche

This post is less typographic, and more graphic.
I just think Erik Nitsche’s work deserves more exposure.
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