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Google (maps) Typography

Just came across two sets of alphabets created using Google Maps. The first was made by an Australian graphic designer Rhett Dashwood, and only uses maps from the state of Victoria, Australia. The other one was made by Rachel Young, a British researcher, who was inspired by Rhett to make one of the New York state.

See full alphabets after the cut.
Alphabet by Rhett Dashwood.

Alphabet by Rachel Young. (Click to see larger)

These alphabets remind me of the urban alphabet called “Type in the Sky”, by Lisa Reinermann, made while she was studying in Barcelona.


1. Found via: Flavorwire
2. See Rhett Dashwood’s website for links to the map of each letter of the alphabet on Google Maps.
3. New York Post article about Rachel Young.
4. More images on Lisa Reinermann’s website.

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  1. Kevin Lindekugel says:

    The first google maps alphabet was actually compiled on – you can also send messages using the letters.

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