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Adam & Eve

I received an email a few days ago with this great image. It is from a project by the graphic designers Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries. I really like their use of Bifur and hope to see it used more often by other designers.

This is what they write about it: “Niessen & de Vries designed a special box for the drawing and the etching of Adam and Eve by Rembrandt van Rijn (1638). It was made in collaboration with Raf Snippe for the Prentenkabinet of the University of Leiden. The box brings together the forestudy and the etching in which Rembrandt depicts Adam and Eve in an unorthodox way. The designers focussed on the mirroring image of the etching technique and the ambiguous scene using the two-part typeface Bifur (1929) by A.M. Cassandre in contrary relief, with parts in apple wood. The box with the art works is now shown in a small exhibition in University of Leiden.”

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“Shungu: The Resilience of a People”, a film screening

A slight departure from the typical typography-related posts, but not entirely unrelated. This is an announcement for a film screening by one of the most interesting figures in the world of typography and academia, Saki Mafundikwa. Saki founded and runs Zimbabwe’s first design and new media college, the Zimbabwe Institute of Vigital Arts (ZIVA). He has previously taught at Cooper Union, holds and MFA from Yale and has written extensively on African writing systems. In 2004 the book he wrote, “Afrikan Alphabets: The story of writing in Afrika”, was published by Mark Batty Publisher.

On Wednesday, April 14th he he will be screening his film Shungu at the Cooper Union. The film is “a compelling narrative of the strategies ordinary people use to survive in Zimbabwe today… The filmmaker takes us on a personal journey offering a rare, intimate insight as the country experiences political turmoil, economic meltdown and health care collapse.”

Screening details:
Wednesday, April 14, 2010
4 to 6 pm

Screening followed by Q&A
Frederick P. Rose Auditorium
41 Cooper Square, New York, NY

Free and open to the public

Please attend if you are in the area and help spread the word about this unique opportunity to see this film.
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The PenJet project is a collaboration of Rietveld Academie students Jaan Evart, Julian Hagen and Daniël Maarleveld. The project has originated from the workshop “Uncommon Usage” given by Jürg and Urs Lehni. During the workshop we experimented with the movement of print heads.

In general the new possibilities of every new technique influence the design process. This is the case for new alternatives of a printer. Therefore we decided to continue the project after workshop. Every brand of the printers has its own manner of movement and characteristic rhythm. The Penjet shows the handwriting of the machine, some fine and straight, others more messy. The quality settings of the printer (presentation/normal/300X300 dpi/150X150dpi etc.) influence the way the lines are drawn. The final result has both – the imperfections of handwriting as the preciseness of a machine. Every page is unique.


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Type & Music Videos

dan black & kid cudi symphonies
Another music video that mines the film-title typography as inspiration. All good except for the use of dumb quotes in the Goldfinger section (the original titles were by Robert Brownjohn.) This is also in the same vein as the video for Justice’s DVNO.

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