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Woodtype Now!

shimming — three colour print

left side: laser halftone — two colour print
right side: adhesive foil profile one colour print

plywood — one colour print

left side: hairline — one colour print
right side: pressure type on halftone block — one colour print

Detail: pressure type on halftone block — one colour print

Woodtype Now!

The offset printing industry was revolutionized through the introduction of digital design methods in combination with mechanical production. this development has not yet affected traditional letterpress and relief printing methods, which have since been marginalized.

Wood type now! seeks to transform these traditional mechanical production methods into the 21st century by revolutionizing the way that prints are designed and produced by incorporating new peripheral hardware (i.e. lasercutter). through the process of exploring the possibilities in regards to materials used and the way the classic printing block and set up are interpreted, the project redefines the conventional boundaries of the subject matter – as opposed to recreating a status quo with new means – and unlocks new frontiers.

This research catalog in form of a web-site, documents the design-principles and –techniques wich have been aquired through extensive practical tests. the potential is further expressed by the design and production of a poster series. the catalog, as well as the exemplary translation, are meant to show a broad range of possibilities in a contemporary context without trying to be conclusive, rather inviting further experimentation and interpretation.

I know this is the second post in a row that features woodblock typography/printing but, I couldn’t resist. It’s nice to see different ways to approach letterpress printing.

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4 Responses

  1. letter art says:

    There is nothing like going old school with the typography. Good collection, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your interesting post on Alfred Mahlau, as I am researching the “Mahlau” name/and learning more about my German background.

    There are several images here of Mahlau’s I have not seen! As well as information about Mahlau’s work as a typographer.

    Best regards,
    Charlie Mars-Mahlau

  3. pstonier says:

    These are a lot of fun. Some odd pairings, too.

  4. typo fans says:

    thanks for sharing,,, I agree with your post,,

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