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Adam & Eve

I received an email a few days ago with this great image. It is from a project by the graphic designers Richard Niessen & Esther de Vries. I really like their use of Bifur and hope to see it used more often by other designers.

This is what they write about it: “Niessen & de Vries designed a special box for the drawing and the etching of Adam and Eve by Rembrandt van Rijn (1638). It was made in collaboration with Raf Snippe for the Prentenkabinet of the University of Leiden. The box brings together the forestudy and the etching in which Rembrandt depicts Adam and Eve in an unorthodox way. The designers focussed on the mirroring image of the etching technique and the ambiguous scene using the two-part typeface Bifur (1929) by A.M. Cassandre in contrary relief, with parts in apple wood. The box with the art works is now shown in a small exhibition in University of Leiden.”

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Rare Books on Calligraphy and Penmanship

Mike Essl has just sent me a link to a great visual resource of old calligraphy and penmanship manuals, where the above images are from. What’s even more impressive is that most of them are available in PDF form. Take a look at what they have:

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If You Could Collaborate – Job Wouters & Roel Wouters

Dutch typographer Job Wouters is better known as ‘Letman’, but regardless of what you decide to call him, his work is always of the highest order. Expressive and dramatic, he treats letters with the care and respect they deserve and this appreciation has led him to create compelling, hand-drawn work for clients all over the world.

His brother is an equally as exciting practitioner and the siblings have combined to create a new spray-painting machine called the Rainbow gun, which will be utlised in the gallery itself.

Watch the Rainbow Gun video here

Check out the rest of the collaborations. There are some really great projects combining art and design.

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Google (maps) Typography

Just came across two sets of alphabets created using Google Maps. The first was made by an Australian graphic designer Rhett Dashwood, and only uses maps from the state of Victoria, Australia. The other one was made by Rachel Young, a British researcher, who was inspired by Rhett to make one of the New York state.

See full alphabets after the cut. Read the rest of this entry »

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Quick Post: Lettering at the Jane Hotel

Clever use of brass studs on a leather door. Image from a slideshow “Sleeping Where Sailors Slept” in The New York Times. Read the related article.

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Fiodor Sumkin

Fiodor Sumkin

I’ve been meaning to write a brief note about this Russian-born illustrator I came across some time ago. I really like the use of lettering in his work. Give it a peek.

Check out his website, and also this set of fake magazine covers, which began as a set of Esquiresque logotypes: livejournal.

[UPDATE] Fiodor’s lettering is similar to the work featured on dailytype, which is an (almost) daily blog of lettering. (thanks Sam Potts for the reminder)

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Bryan Christie Illustrations

While reading an article in this past Sunday’s “New York Times Magazine”, I was intrigued by two illustrations in it (1, 2). The caption said: Illustration by Bryan Christie Design. Which led me to the portfolio of the studio, which in turn led me to his blog. At which point I saw these three astounding images. I am a sucker for old New York storefronts (as evidenced here). So naturally I loved these illustrations. Would love to see Bryan continue making these. (Click to see larger.)

West Houston Street near Varick Street, New York, NY
West Houston Street near Varick Street, New York, NY

1265 Broadway (890 Sixth Avenue), New York, NY

Southern Fried Chicken
West 125th Street at Morningside Avenue, New York, NY

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Eric Ku chair

Stumbled across this great idea for a chair made out of the word chair. Not sure if this is a rendering or a physical prototype, either way it is a nice piece of design.

Designed by Eric Ku, a recent SVA grad, this is what he says about it:

An inspiration from the American contemporary artist Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chair. Instead of giving new definition, I redefined the concept of a chair by using alphabet. One is able to construct a chair by assembling the redesigned alphabets.

Link to the project: Mission No.2. Look at some of the other projects on the site, they are quite interesting.

(found via:

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Design Process Videos [Updated]


I’ve recently seen a few video which document the process of designing publications. It is an intriguing idea, and hopefully something that deserves more attention. It would be nice to see other designers leave a trace of their process. In HD please.

[Update]: I also came across an interesting section on the SPD (Society of Publication Designers) website. The section (a blog really) is called The Process, and is dedicated, seemingly, to lifting the curtain off the publication design process. It’s a great idea and makes perfect sense that SPD is doing this, (most of the videos posted below also come from SPD). The first series of posts chronicle the design process of a feature article on Charlie Kaufman for Wired magazine, written by Wired creative director Scott Dadich.

Read the posts for yourself: The Process
Wired’s website is also cross-posting them: Storyboard

Some of the process videos I found are collected here:
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San Serriffe


In the spirit of the (just passed) April Fool’s Day, here are some typographically inspired pranks.

2012 Olympic Typefaces
New Dollar Sign Proposed by Congress to Reflect Economic Conditions

And an old, classic, and quite elaborate one:
San Serriffe, see also wikitravel

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Converting Handwriting into a Font

Several ways of turning your handwriting into a font.
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