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Civilité: a type designed by Robert Granjon as a French response to the Italian italic, and based on the cursive Gothic script as used in 1558. “Granjon called the type lettre françoise d’art de main, but because the type was very popular for school books and courtesy books, with ‘De Civilitate morum puerilium libellus’ (A Handbook on Good Manners for Children) by Erasmus serving as prototype, it now is generally known as Civilité type.” — quoted from viaLibri

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More Industry Focus Newsletters from Font Shop


Two more new e-newsletters from FontShop
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Kern on your iPhone


Kern is a new game application for the iPhone, designed by Jason and Adrian Franzen of FORMation Alliance. I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t give a personal testimonial for this application, but I’d imagine that this game is like Tetris for type nerds — similarly structured (more pleasingly designed of course) and just as addictive. This really is a game by and for total type geeks, I mean Dude, just read the play instructions, verbatim from the application’s website:

A random type-centric word with a missing letter appears at a variable point size.  As the leading begins to shrink, you navigate the missing letter to the proper space and release its handle to lock it in place.  The placement accuracy is measured and your score is calculated based on the size of the type, the leading height, and the perfection of placement—all measured in points.  If you miss by too much and form an unnecessary ligature, one of your five ligature tokens will be lost.  Lose all five ligatures and your game is finished.  How many points will you Kern?  

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The Crisis of Credit Visualized

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New Typeface at Typotheque

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Industry Focus Newsletters from Font Shop

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Hebrew Wood Type


An interesting collection of scans from a book of Hebrew wood type.
Zvi Bregman, Wood Type, Tel Aviv, 1940.

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Typography in Motion


A small collection of interesting examples of typography and film/video/music.
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the ’zine


This post will keep evolving as we work on the zine; mainly as a source of information and inspiration. Feel free to add to it by leaving comments. All the content is inside the post.

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The Work of Ewald Spieker

I found Ewald Spieker’s site a while ago and was totally blown away! Letterpress without the rules. 


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“Film Noir” Title Cards


Came across an interesting post about film title cards.
Read it here

Also check out the blog itself: Graphic Definer

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Jonathan Barnbrook


Jonathan Barnbrook is a British graphic designer, who came to prominence in the 90’s. Typography has always played a major role in his work, and is often comprised of typefaces he has designed himself. He is also one of the most vocal designers advocating social responsibility from designers. Barnbrook has collaborated with Damien Hirst, and has made personal work that can be best described as “political”, “anti-war” and “anti-corporate”.

See for yourself: Barnbrook Design
His typefaces: Virus Fonts

You can read a very recent interview with him, that prompted me to write about him here.

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